Mrs. Michele Kelly's Visual Art Program 

PS 207 Elizabeth G. Leary

What's happening in art...

Last day for handing in extra credit is the week of May 18th.

The Art Show was a HUGE success! Thank you again for your support! 

Art Vocabulary Final coming to a classroom near you- soon! Check individual class sites for dates. Study sheets were given out the week of May 1st. The final is 30 Multiple choice questions. The definition will be given and the student must provide the correct vocabulary word from the letters listed. 

Students are currently completing the Independent Art Project and beginning the Art History Report. 

Students should refer to the rubrics for both the project and writing components that are listed on the class website’s homepage to understand how the project and writing components will be graded.

A break down by week is listed on the individual class sites.

All assignments are outlined in detail on the class website:

*Please continue to use the class website to keep you up to date on all that is happening in the art classroom. 

How to use the website

To use the website, please click on the grade link that corresponds to your class level. Your first assignments have been listed with the directions on how to complete each task.  I have also included a copy of the welcome letter and the return slip were handed out on the first class session on the Welcome Back link.

The website is the best way to keep track of everything pertaining to this class.  It is updated weekly, and contains detailed instructions for each assignment. Students will also copy the assignment information into their agenda/homework books during class. My class is 99% paperless, so please use the website to ensure a successful year.

Study Sheet (all grades)


Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Class Schedules

Monday:         7th Grade Related Arts, 804, 803, 802, 602
Tuesday:        8th Grade Related Arts, 604, 234, 703, 605
Wednesday:   7th Grade Related Arts, 505, 704,  6th Grade Related Arts
Thursday:       Advanced Art, 601, 801, 603, 702
Friday:            504,
8th Grade Related Arts, 701, 6th Grade Related Arts,


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at