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What's happening in art...

The second marking period has just begun. Time for a fresh start!  On Engrade you will see the 1st marking period grades as they will appear on the report cards for art. At this point grades cannot be changed. Any students who submit work from the first marking period will be counted as extra credit for the 2nd marking period. I look forward to meeting you in person at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Holiday Greeting Cards Fundraiser
Using your Child’s Artwork!

You have the opportunity to have your child’s artwork featured on a greeting card that you can share with your family and friends this holiday season. The cost is $10 for 20 cards & envelopes. You may also choose to have a greeting printed inside the card.

Please have all artwork drawn on the attached template, back to school no later than Nov. 17th
The template is 11cm x 14cm.

Step A: Choose your greeting number as listed below. If no greeting is selected the default will be blank.
1) Happy Holidays from our family to yours
2) Merry Christmas from our family to yours
3) Happy Hanukkah from our family to yours


Step B: Select the quantity
1 set of 20 cards & envelopes for $10
2 sets of 20 cards & envelopes for $20
3 sets of 20 cards & envelopes for $27.00

Please fill out the order form below. As soon as your order is received, it will get processed. Beat the rush, and order soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Thank you again for your support!
Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Spada
                                   Holiday Card Fundraiser Order form

Child’s Name_____________________________________________ Class_______

# of sets being ordered ____________________
(1set of 20 cards for $10, 2 sets of 40 cards for $20, 3 sets of 60 cards for $27)  
# for message to be displayed inside of card (#1, 2, 3, 4)  ________________
                             Please send exact change. Cash only please.

Student in the visual art program in grades 5-8 have just completed a unit on Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). Students used the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to create a work of art on a small 2.5" x 3.5" canvas. Artist statements were created which expressed their artistic process, peer critique, revisions, and final reflection based on the rubric and criteria. 
Based on the Pre- Assessment results, the new units will begin in each grade level. Grade 5 & 6 will begin working on a Landscape Unit. Grade 7 will start an Artist study unit on Tim Burton. Finally Grade 8 will use the human face to create a Portrait of an newly adapted organic being. Students will focus on content specific vocabulary and journal writing to document each lesson of the unit.   To get the specifics of your student, please click on the individual grade pages.

How to use the website

To use the website, please click on the grade link that corresponds to your class level. Your first assignments have been listed with the directions on how to complete each task.  I have also included a copy of the welcome letter and the return slip were handed out on the first class session on the Welcome Back link.

The website is the best way to keep track of everything pertaining to this class.  It is updated weekly, and contains detailed instructions for each assignment. Students will also copy the assignment information into their agenda/homework books during class. My class is 99% paperless, so please use the website to ensure a successful year.

Art Pre- Assessment

All students will be taking an art assessment on the second day of class. This pre-assessment will not effect the student's grades. I will be sharing outcome of the assesment with you via Engrade, however the pre-assessment is meant to gauge the progress in student learning. The Pre-Assessment will involve art vocabulary that is commonly used in the art lesson. Most of these words are also used in the other common core subject areas. There is no need to study for this assessment.


Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Class Schedules

Monday:         7th Grade Related Arts, 804, 803, 802, 602
Tuesday:        8th Grade Related Arts, 604, 234, 703, 605
Wednesday:   7th Grade Related Arts, 505, 704,  6th Grade Related Arts
Thursday:       Advanced Art, 601, 801, 603, 702
Friday:            504,
8th Grade Related Arts, 701, 6th Grade Related Arts,


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