Mrs. Michele Kelly's Visual Art Program 

PS 207 Elizabeth G. Leary

What's happening in art...

*The third marking period is here! 

*A letter will be coming home this week about a Late work policy change. A copy of the letter will be sent home and includes a tear off.
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This letter is to inform you that as of the start of the third marking period I will no longer be accepting late Visual Art assignments.   The number of students handing in late assignments has become problematic.  It is imperative that your child be aware of assignments and deadlines.  Late assignments will only be accepted if the student was absent on the day the assignment was due.  Otherwise, a note from the parent must be attached that you are aware that your child is handing in the assignment late.  There will be a one day grace period, after that, points will be deducted.  If the student does not have a note attached, the assignment will not be accepted.   I  feel strongly that meeting deadlines is paramount to success in school and prepares students for college and careers later in life. All assignments are listed on the class website at Making the most of the time they have enables students to be efficient and successful as possible, leading a balance life of work and play.
*Contest season is upon us! Details about the different required and optional contests are listed on the individual class pages. 

*Please make sure that all missing assignments made up no later than Monday Feb. 2nd. No late assignments will be accepted after Feb. 2nd
All assignments are outlined in detail on the class website:

*Current class projects:
Classes are now in their  third units.
8th graders - Op art unit
7th graders - Comic book unit
6th grade - Greek Urns/Vases-Mythology
5th graders - Self Portraits
Advanced Art - P.S. Art contest and creating personal expression pieces.
Class 234 -  Landscapes. 

*Vocabulary tests will be sent home after the entire class has completed the exam. 

*Please continue to use the class website to keep you up to date on all that is happening in the art classroom. 

How to use the website

To use the website, please click on the grade link that corresponds to your class level. Your first assignments have been listed with the directions on how to complete each task.  I have also included a copy of the welcome letter and the return slip were handed out on the first class session on the Welcome Back link.

The website is the best way to keep track of everything pertaining to this class.  It is updated weekly, and contains detailed instructions for each assignment. Students will also copy the assignment information into their agenda/homework books during class. My class is 99% paperless, so please use the website to ensure a successful year.

Art Pre- Assessment

All students will be taking an art assessment on the second day of class. This pre-assessment will not effect the student's grades. I will be sharing outcome of the assesment with you via Engrade, however the pre-assessment is meant to gauge the progress in student learning. The Pre-Assessment will involve art vocabulary that is commonly used in the art lesson. Most of these words are also used in the other common core subject areas. There is no need to study for this assessment.


Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Class Schedules

Monday:         7th Grade Related Arts, 804, 803, 802, 602
Tuesday:        8th Grade Related Arts, 604, 234, 703, 605
Wednesday:   7th Grade Related Arts, 505, 704,  6th Grade Related Arts
Thursday:       Advanced Art, 601, 801, 603, 702
Friday:            504,
8th Grade Related Arts, 701, 6th Grade Related Arts,


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at